1924 Newspaper Ad: ISO ‘Matrimonially Inclined’ Woman

Searching for companionship, in 1924 Emmanuel C. Fink of Lewisdale (Frederick County) put a notice in The News (Frederick) seeking a wife.

Fink, a 60-year-old childless widower, was looking for a “matrimonially inclinedrings” woman with whom he could spend the rest of his life. In his notice, Fink explained he was financially stable, made good money and owned his own home. According to a front-page article in The News, Fink “wanted someone to share his home and dispel his loneliness.”

Fink received a few answers to his ad, including one from Margaret Tobery, a 44-year-old widow with five children.

Fink and Tobery quickly found that they were compatible and were married a few weeks later in November 1924. After the wedding, they traveled to Fink’s Lewisdale home by horse and buggy to start their lives together.

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