Life in 1883

In the spring and summer of 1883, happenings from around the state included two accidents and a “devilish” act of animal cruelty: ‘Not a Suicidal Leap’ The June 2, 1883 Denton Journal reported that Miss Bertha Gebhardt did not commit suicide “by leaping from her bed room window” in Baltimore; instead, she fell out the... Continue Reading →

Straw Hat Day

Straw Hat Day was an unofficial holiday across the nation each May signaling the start of spring. This was the day when men would switch from wearing their felt hats to straw hats in anticipation of the warmer weather. Though basically unheard of today, Straw Hat Day advertisements and articles could be found in newspapers... Continue Reading →

The Day of the Groundhog

Today’s the day the groundhog rules. Will he peek his head out, see his shadow, and doom us to six more weeks of winter? Or will he emerge shadowless from his lair and grant us an early spring? He and his ancestors have kept us guessing for years. A February 1898 Denton Journal article describes the... Continue Reading →

‘Spirit of Thanksgiving Day’

In November 1932, the Denton Journal (Caroline County) ran a powerful Thanksgiving editorial to inspire and boost readers’ spirits in the midst of the Great Depression. The piece made a case for being thankful, even in difficult times. It encouraged people to be thankful if they had their health and if they were working. It... Continue Reading →

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