B&O Railroad

It was the second-oldest railroad in the United States. It was one of the coveted railroads featured on the iconic Monopoly game board, and it got its start in Baltimore. Of course it’s the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad.

Did you know?

  • The B&O was the first commercial (passenger) long-distance railroad in the United States (Howard County Tourism)
  • The railroad’s slogan was “Linking 13 Great States with the Nation.” (American Rails website )
  • The railroad originated in Baltimore and got the Ohio part of its name from the Ohio River, where the line was to end. (American Rails website)
  • The first 13 miles of the B&O ran from Baltimore to Ellicott’s Mills in Howard County. (Howard County Tourism )
  • The B&O’s roundhouse at the old Mt. Clare Station is the home to the B&O Railroad Museum, where you can learn more about the railroad’s rich history (and where this blog photo was taken). (B&O Railroad Museum)
  • The museum’s Ellicott City Station location is the oldest surviving railroad station in the United States. (B&O Railroad Museum – Ellicott City Station)

After operating for 160 years, in 1987 the B&O Railroad ceased to exist when it was bought by CSX. But it’s obvious that much interest and love for its rich history continues to this day.

Sources: American Rails website  (check out the map of the B&O Railroad route and photos!); Howard County Tourism (general history of B&O Railroad and specifically in Howard County); B&O Railroad Museum (detailed history of the museum and upcoming events); B&O Railroad Museum – Ellicott City Station (history of the Ellicott City Station and upcoming events)

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