The Promise of a New Year

Happy New Year’s Eve! A 1902 editorial in the The News (Frederick County) outlined the promise of a new year—and is still very fitting more than 115 years later: “...Along with evils and misfortunes there will be much good, and many manifestations of the spirit of generosity and humanitarianism which, happily, is growing in strength... Continue Reading →

Deadly ‘Bee Tree’ Quarrel

A quarrel over a “bee tree” in Harmony (Frederick County) between two farmers in August 1889 ended with one dead and another on trial for manslaughter. T.W. Show shot and killed John William Hooper after a confrontation regarding a tree on a neighbor’s property. “...Show found a bee tree in the woods on the land... Continue Reading →

Jousting: Maryland’s State Sport

Jousting has been Maryland’s official state sport since 1962 (and was the first state ever to adopt an official sport), but Marylanders were passionate for the sport for hundreds of years before that designation. According to the Maryland Manual On-Line, jousting has taken place in our great state since the colonial times, but interest in... Continue Reading →

Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

The Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Frederick operated in its North Market Street location for more than 60 years before permanently closing in 2008. Built in the late ’40s, the plant moved from another location in town where it had been since the 1920s “on the north bank of Carroll Creek” on East Patrick Street, according... Continue Reading →

Lend Me Your Ear

One day in February 1891, a box with a human ear showed up on a street in the village of Unionville (Frederick County). According to a newspaper report, thoughts and fears instantly turned to murder, like a Jack the Ripper-type killer on the loose in the little settlement, located halfway between Westminster and Frederick. Luckily,... Continue Reading →

Crickets & Blackbirds & Beetles, Oh My!

Warning: If you aren’t fond of beaks, barbed legs or beady eyes, you may not want to continue reading. It seems the summer of 1938 was the summer of pests in Frederick city and county. That August, thousands of blackbirds flew over the city night after night. Since the bird was protected by state law, they... Continue Reading →

Where’s the Beef?

In 1904, a police officer investigating a report of an improperly disposed of dead horse at a Frederick County home found just that — and more.   According to a news account, Policeman Brengle paid a visit to the home of Charles Burdette after a report was made that he buried a dead horse in a... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Feast?

On December 15, 1903, an opossum found himself in a pigeon coop in Frederick County. He had quite a feast, eating all of the pigeons who resided there, including one that was 14 years old. But the coop's owners had the last laugh. According to an article in The News, "The opossum remained in the... Continue Reading →

‘Santa Claus Mail’

On Christmas Eve in 1900, The News (Frederick) printed children’s letters to Santa Claus: Arthur Pue Gorman Ridgely, 3, requested that Santa bring him “a little dog and a story book and some candy, oranges and nuts.” In his letter, he reassured Santa that he would appreciate his gifts: “I will be glad and thankful,”... Continue Reading →

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