‘Santa Claus Mail’

On Christmas Eve in 1900, The News (Frederick) printed children’s letters to Santa Claus:

Arthur Pue Gorman Ridgely, 3, requested that Santa bring him “a little dog and a story book and some candy, oranges and nuts.” In his letter, he reassured Santa that he would appreciate his gifts: “I will be glad and thankful,” according to his letter.

Clarence Rice asked Santa for a battleship, story book, and candy and nuts.

Ruth Ridgley, age 7, described herself as a “good girl” in her letter. She hoped Santa would bring her “a little doll with white curls; and a black apron, a pair of mittens, candy and nuts.”

Arthur Holtz Doll had quite a list for “Dear Old Santa,” as he called him in his letter. “I am a good little boy and I will mind what papa and mamma tell me,” Arthur wrote. “Please send me a nice slide horn, walking cane, large drum with sticks, hobby horse, workbox with saw and hammer, a large whip, an accordeon [sic], military suit for soldier and a number of other little things.” Arthur signed off on his letter: “Your good little boy.”

The excitement, innocence and hope found in these children’s letters from 115 years ago prove that the magic of Santa Claus is timeless. Here’s hoping they all received what they wished for on Christmas Day!

Source: The News, December 24, 1900

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