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While perusing old issues of newspapers, an intriguing ad caught my eye: “We pay for dead animals! Call Leidy.”

I’d seen this ad in 1920s issues of the Carroll County Times out of Westminster and in Frederick’s The News.

After some research, I discovered that Leidy was a rendering company, based in Westminster and founded in 1912,  that “… reduce[d] dead farm animals to hides, tallow for soap and dried bone meal used in poultry feeds,” according to an article in a December 1975 issue of the Carroll County Times.

A F. Rees was a competitor of Leidy’s. And the company’s advertising was pretty eye-catching, too. From an October 29, 1929 issue of The News:

The_News_Mon__Oct_14__1929_Rees AD
Ad for A.F. Rees, animal renderer. From The News, October 14, 1929.


Despite the advertising, A.F. Rees was eventually bought by Leidy in the late 60s.  Leidy’s ads in the late 70s targeted its ideal customer–farmers–and touted years of experience and five reasons to make it the company of choice for rendering needs.

The_News_Tue__Jun_1__1976_Leidy AD
Leidy ad. From The News, June 1, 1976

Later, Leidy’s also was known as Westminster Hide and Tallow, and it closed by the early 90s.

Sources: Carroll County Times, November 29, 1929 & December 30, 1975; The News,  October 7, 1929, October 14, 1929 & June 1, 1976

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