1915 Independence Day Patriotism

On July 4, 1915, The Baltimore Sun ran a piece from the general committee of the Safe and Sane Celebration of the Fourth. Signed by chairman Bushrod M. Watts and secretary John Daniels, it encouraged folks to “display the American flag and colors as fully and effectively as possible” on Sunday, July 4 and Monday, July 5, when Independence Day would be officially observed.

“The Committee feels that this year especially, when the Old World is distraught by the carnage and horrors of war of one nationality against another, our American flag flies more gloriously than ever as the banner of peace, and as the emblem of a country where people of all races may come together in common brotherhood to strive for and attain the highest ideals of mankind. We therefore hope the flag will float over every home and edifice in the city on this day, which marks the anniversary of the birth of this American nation of nations.”

I hope you all have a memorable, safe Independence Day and fly those flags high!

Source: Baltimore Sun, July 4, 1915

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