The Promise of a New Year

Happy New Year’s Eve! A 1902 editorial in the The News (Frederick County) outlined the promise of a new year—and is still very fitting more than 115 years later:

“…Along with evils and misfortunes there will be much good, and many manifestations of the spirit of generosity and humanitarianism which, happily, is growing in strength among the people of the world. In a general way the happenings of the year may be foretold, but the unfolding of events will be full of interest, and the element of mystery, or uncertainty, is sufficiently strong to make the consideration of possibilities exceedingly fascinating.

“Whether the year, on the whole, will be marked by progress in the line of the improvement of the world and the uplifting of the standards of human conduct depends upon the spirit upon which the people, as a body and as individuals, enter upon it. … If everyone would resolve, on this New Year’s eve, to do his duty, to live rightly, to be honest, to make full use of his talents, and to give his earnest support to every movement for the improvement of the condition of mankind, and would keep his resolution, the coming year would be marked by an unprecedented advancement along all lines.”

Source: The News, December 31, 1902

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