Requests for Santa

For me, it’s so interesting to see what presents children wanted from Santa in years past. This time, we go back more than 100 years to 1915 Frederick County to read letters for Santa printed in The News:

“Dear Old Santa Claus: I have been a good little boy all summer and I think I deserve a few presents. Would you be so kind as to send me a small monkey dressed in a red suit and lots of candy and nuts. That is all for this time. From your true friend, Frankie Ford, Water street

“Dear Santa Claus: Will you please bring me candies, nuts and oranges. Bring me what ever you think for a girl ten years old. From Elva Main, Shookstown

“Dear Santa: I am afraid you will not know what i want if i do not tell you. I want a watch bracelet, kid gloves, ring, and lots of candy and nuts; but most of all big doll. Little Miss Reba Poole 615 North Bentz Street

“Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl eight years old. Please bring me a rain cape, cap, sweater, a big baby doll and candy and nuts. Your little friend Evelyn Reightler, Walkersville

“Dear Santa: Please bring me a pair of skates, but mamma says I am too small to have a tool chest with a hammer and saw, and don’t forget I have a little brother. Albert Virts, West South Street, Frederick”

Source: The News, December 11, 1915


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