Reported sightings of a mysterious veiled lady roaming around the small town of Williamsport (Washington County) at night frightened residents for years in the 40s and 50s.

In January 1943, police were searching for this veiled lady. “The woman was said to have been seen by several residents, but the officers found no trace of her,” according to an article in the Daily Mail.

In November 1948, supposed sightings of the veiled lady caused somewhat of a panic in the town. The Girl Scouts, for example, moved their meeting time to 4 p.m. so they would not be out during the evening hours, when the veiled lady was said to roam.

The Morning Herald reported that people with clubs and flashlights were searching for the veiled lady. “Reports of the mysterious, black-draped and clawed person are still turning up nightly in the form of rumors, but none has been confirmed,” according to the Morning Herald article. The same article claimed that the veiled lady had been showing up around the same time each year.

Just before Halloween 1951, two teen boys were caught when the veiled lady had started to appear around mid-October, again terrifying residents. “Police nabbed them when they returned to pick up the veils which police had spotted…” according to a Morning Herald article.

One of the boys admitted to being the veiled lady two years before and other said he portrayed the veiled lady the previous year. The boys weren’t charged. “[The police] told the boys how risky their pranks had been, since their [sic] was a chance they may have been shot,” reported the article.

Other sightings of the veiled lady occurred in 1953. “The veiled lady, almost as legendary around here as the snallygaster, turned out to be a half-dozen veiled women this time,” reported a Daily Mail article. Six boys were caught and confessed, and no charges were filed.

The article stated that the veiled lady had started to appear around Halloween each year, “…leading authorities to believe that the genuine veiled woman was retired from active participation in the town’s nocturnal life.”

So it seems the mystery of the veiled lady was solved — at least the one appearing in later years, anyway. But we’re left wondering the origins of the original veiled lady who wandered the streets at night, causing panic and fear in the small town.

Sources: Daily Mail, January 18, 1943, November 13, 1953; Morning Herald, November 12, 1948, October 25, 1951


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