An Unexpected Christmas Gift

On January 1, 1930, members of Naomi Hall Brady's extended family gathered around to watch 18-year-old Naomi unwrap a just-delivered Christmas gift. Inside the package addressed to Mrs. Naomi Hall was dynamite, nails and metal. As Naomi opened the festively wrapped box, it exploded.

‘An Impulsive and Needless Act of Mob Violence’

The deplorable actions that took place alongside a desolate country road outside Myersville in July 1924 briefly thrust Frederick County in the national spotlight. Dorothy Grandon, 21, and her friend Mabel Mills had been in Myersville for about a week, calling on a friend. During their stay, there was talk that the young women had... Continue Reading →

The 1929 Murder Trials of Marsh & Spurrier

In 1929, Carroll County was rocked by two violent murder cases that each made front-page news, and they even shared newsprint on the same day. Threads of similarities ran through each of these cases — the death of a spouse at the hands of the other, alcohol, domestic violence and two shots — but the... Continue Reading →

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