Stomach Ailments and Remedies

In the past, just like today, if you had an ailment, someone had a remedy for it.

Faced with a “derangement of the liver and bowels”? Never fear, Simmons’ Liver Regulator had you covered.

Advertised on the front page of The Easton Star in 1874, the medicine’s ad reassured that the product contained no mercury, only the finest vegetable products. Simmons’ Liver Regulator promised relief from dyspepsia, indigestion, malarious fevers, bowel complaints, restlessness and jaundice. At the cost of $1, the ad claimed “It is the Cheapest, Purest and Best Family Medicine in the world!”

Indigestion and stomach troubles must have been common during this time, as another ad for these type of ailments appeared below Simmons’ Liver Regulator.

Miller’s Dyspepsin assured “a certain cure for dyspepsia, liver complaint, jaundice, biliousness, sick headache & habitual costiveness.”

Perhaps one reason for these digestive troubles might be in the column to the left of these ads. An advertisement announced a first-class restaurant and eating saloon for ladies and gentlemen, “where Oysters, Terrapins, Beef and Pork Steaks, Mutton Chops, Coffee, and everything eatable, may be obtained in their season at all hours, at short notice, and at reasonable prices.”

Just a guess.

Source: The Easton Star, December 22, 1874  

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