Five Things I Love About Summer


Summer has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. Here are five things I love about Maryland summers:

The Beach. I’ve been going to Ocean City ever since I can remember. Bayside, oceanside, oceanfront, it doesn’t matter to me. Yes, I’ll admit there were some years that my feet never touched the sand (don’t judge), but now, with two young kids, that’s not even an option. Not that I mind. Walking on the beach to splash around and feel the sand between our toes is a priority after we get the car unpacked.

From going on the rides at Trimper’s (the exact same ones my kids ride on today) to putt putt at Old Pro (pirate ship all the way!), I hope my husband and I are creating as many rich memories for our children as the ones I have from my childhood trips. Like how the tops of my dad’s tender, pale feet would always burn at the beach, no matter how he tried to protect them. Or the salty sting of the water in my nose when a wave would catch me off guard.

Now I’m lucky if I get in to my knees.

Sunsets. There’s just something about summer sunsets. No matter where you’re at, there’s something magical about witnessing the brilliant summer sun fade away each evening, leading to …

Summer Evenings. A new kind of fun begins when the summer sunshine slips to dusk.  As kids, it was flashlight tag in the backyard and catching lightning bugs. Now it’s watching as our kids catch lightning bugs, marvel at the moon on a clear night, and simply enjoy being outdoors. And it’s fantastic.

Carnivals. As a teenager, the fire company carnivals were the place. to. be. To see and be seen by the exotic kids who didn’t go to our high school. Nowadays, we go for the food and the rides for the kids. Oh, and don’t forget the games. Those are the kids’ favorite, though I steer them clear of the ones that have hermit crabs or fish as prizes.

I used to be able to ride the rides like nobody’s business. The faster, the better.

Today, not so much.

My 7-year-old son wanted to go on the ferris wheel last year and I relented. Big mistake. Terrified, I ordered him not to lean forward, wave or look around too much for fear we would flip and tumble to our demise. I tried to play it cool with him during the ride so that my panic wouldn’t spread, but he saw right through it. I’m not irrational … it could happen.

Summer Scents. Honeysuckle. A charcoal grill. The air after a thunderstorm. The salty sea air at the beach. Sunscreen. And, inevitably, aloe.

You may have noticed that one summer staple for many—steamed crabs—is missing from my list. I’ve never enjoyed the taste of them … yes, some non-crab loving folks do exist in our great state!

But that didn’t stop me from helping me pick crabs for my dad. He’d dip the meat in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and worcestershire sauce. That’s another scent from childhood I’ll never forget!

What are your favorite Maryland summer treats? Share them in the comments, on the Bygone Maryland Facebook page or on Twitter!

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