Kehne Bros. & Wachter Bros.

On East All Saints Street, further evidence of downtown Frederick’s industrial roots can be found with the fading signs for confections and bottling operations.

The Kehne Brothers confectioners had operated in other areas of downtown Frederick for years and moved to the warehouse on East All Saints Street in September 1916, “…where we will be in a much better position to continue our service in a much larger and better way,” according to an newspaper announcement in The News

Kehne’s Bottling Works was another branch of the operation, and a painted advertisement for 3-C Nectar, billed as “The Drink of the Gods,” was featured on the building used for the company’s garages, according to a document on the City of Frederick website.

An ad for 3-C Nectar, found in The Philadelphia Inquirer in July 1921, describe the drink as “Great for children,” describing it as “… a pure, healthy beverage. It contains no caffeine or habit forming drugs.” 

An announcement from George B. Kehne in an April 1949 issue of The News shared his decision to retire and reported the transfer of the business to Wachter Brothers, who had had operations on East Patrick Street. “I desire to thank all my customers for their patronage for the past forty three years. They may be assured my successors will continue to serve them to their entire satisfaction,” read the announcement in part.  

The Wachter Brothers expanded its offerings through the years and in 1964 left downtown for a 20,000-square-foot warehouse facility in another part of Frederick. In 1976, the company merged with F.A. Davis & Sons of Baltimore.

Sources: The News, September 2, 1916, April 28, 1949, July 1, 1964, September 11, 1976; The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 24, 1921; City of Frederick website

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