Anticipation for a New Year

In 1865, January 1 fell on a Sunday, as it will for us in a few short days. The following day, The Baltimore Sun reported on the holiday, its evolving traditions and the anticipation of a better year than the one that had just passed. The sentiment below seems as relevant today as it was more than 150 years ago:

“To-day will be kept as a partial holiday; the banks, the city offices and many of the government offices  will be closed, and as is the custom of celebrating the New Year has been steadily increasing in this city for some years, it is supposed there will be a pretty general suspension of business. By large numbers in the community the day will be devoted to social calls, and the reception of friends, many selecting the day instead of Christmas for that purpose.

“The old year, with all its pleasures and its pains, has quietly taken its place among the things that were, and the long-looked for new year is with us. May all the fondest anticipation for the new year be verified to the fullest extent — the good resolutions firmly adhered to and fully carried out — so that when the year so joyfully heralded into existence shall take its place among its many predecessors there shall be no regrets on the part any one for time misspent. To one and all we wish a happy new year and health and prosperity during its existence.”

Here’s to making fabulous memories in 2017!   

Source: Baltimore Sun, January 2, 1865

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