In January 1916, Easton Jail inmate Amos Camper was taken to the Emergency Hospital for an operation. A few days later, Camper decided it was time to make a break for it.

But how? The sheriff had taken Camper’s clothes back to the jail.

Camper wasn’t going to let a lack of clothes stop him from freedom. “He finally solved the problem by wrapping one of his feet in a sheet and the other in a towel, and throwing a blanket around himself,” according to an article in Cambridge’s The Daily Banner.

He crawled out of a hospital window and made his way to his brother’s home, where he got clothes and an opportunity to make his getaway. But his grand escape was not meant to be.

“[Camper] became so weak, however, that he soon gave up the attempt and went back to jail and surrendered to the sheriff.”

Source: The Daily Banner, January 13, 1916