Labor Day, 1910

Another Labor Day is upon us, marking the unofficial end to summer.

In September 1900, The Baltimore Sun ran a piece on the value of Labor Day. Obviously, times have changed, but much of the sentiment still holds true today:

“We are essentially a working people — every week day in the year, with a few exceptions, is labor day with us. We know how to work better than any other people, but we know less about resting than most of them. it is important to have a day in which we can glorify labor by doing nothing or as little as possible in the way of regular work. Labor Day is a good occasion for thinking about what labor means and involves, how it should be harmonized in all its relations for the general good, and an excellent opportunity to minister to the innocent and healthful enjoyment of a hard-working nation.”

The above could have been written last week, not 117 years ago; it seems like we’re still learning to unwind and take a day to ourselves every now and then.

In that vein, I hope you have a relaxing and restful Labor Day!

Source: Baltimore Sun, September 3, 1900

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