Brawl at the Ballpark

A few weeks ago, I shared the passion Orioles fans had for baseball and fair calls. This week, I’m sharing how a little common courtesy at the ballpark could have saved a little time, trouble and money for two spectators.

In August 1912, Joseph F. Kennedy, having gotten to the Oriole Park early, settled in the left field bleachers to enjoy the game, according to the Baltimore Sun.

“Following a close play, Francis P Murray, 1434 Harford Road, strolled in and stood in front of Kennedy,” reported the Sun. “‘Sit down!’ shouted Kennedy. Murray yelled back, ‘No!’ and continued to view the contest. ‘Sit down!’ shouted Kennedy again. Murray grew angry and a fight ensued.”

Patrolman Bishop arrested the men. Murray was fined $5 and costs by Justice Griffin at the Northern Police Station, and Kennedy’s charges were dismissed, according to the Sun.

Remember, a little civility goes a long way at the ballpark!

Source: Baltimore Sun, August 8, 1912

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