Electricity in Rockville

Did you know that for about a decade in the early 20th century Rockville (Montgomery County) was without widespread electricity?

According to a 1909 article in The Baltimore Sun, much of the town was without electricity because of a fire years earlier:

“Electricity for lighting the residences, churches, business places, etc. of Rockville is now available. For some time the Washington Power and Electric Company has had at work a force of men stringing wires throughout the town, and this work was sufficiently completed last night to permit the electricity to be turned on over about one-half of the town.

“About 10 years ago the town’s electric lighting plant was destroyed by fire, and since then the Rockville homes, stores, churches, etc. have had to depend almost entirely upon the kerosene lamp. About five years ago the town installed an electric lighting plant, the capacity of which, however, is only sufficient to light the streets.”

Source: The Baltimore Sun, December 26, 1909


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