Fickle Weather for 1845 St. Patrick’s Day

I love the detailed newspaper weather reports of yesteryear! Let’s all be glad that our St. Patrick’s Day weather forecast is not like what Baltimoreans experienced on March 17, 1845, as reported by the Baltimore Sun: “First came a regular snow storm, each flake as big as a dollar — then came a disagreeable rain... Continue Reading →

Oh Snow

Are you stocked up on milk, bread and toilet paper? As we all anxiously await to see what tomorrow’s snowstorm brings us, I thought it would be fun to look back on two other March snowstorms. In 1942, a weekend storm hit the area. “The freak storm traced a dizzy pattern across the entire state,”... Continue Reading →

Winter Fun in 1876 Baltimore

The frigid weather and today’s gently falling snow reminds us that winter is officially a little more than a week away. On Monday, January 1, 1877, The Baltimore Sun described the one of the last nights of 1876 as a beautiful winter night filled with activity: “Saturday night was glorious for sleighing and coasting. The moon... Continue Reading →

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