Fickle Weather for 1845 St. Patrick’s Day

I love the detailed newspaper weather reports of yesteryear!

Let’s all be glad that our St. Patrick’s Day weather forecast is not like what Baltimoreans experienced on March 17, 1845, as reported by the Baltimore Sun:

“First came a regular snow storm, each flake as big as a dollar — then came a disagreeable rain and sleet which ultimately gave way to another fall of snow. At half past ten in the morning the sun succeeded in getting a peep from behind the clouds, but was soon compelled to retreat before a reinforcement of rain and snow.

“From eleven until one o’clock there seemed to be a regular struggle between sunshine and the snow king for the mastery, which was finally gained by the former, and from that time until three o’clock we were greeted with a bright and cheerful sun melting away the snow, and drying the pavement in double quick time.

“At about four o’clock some heavy clouds came from the south west, occasionally shutting out the cheerful rays of the sun, but for the remainder of the day all was bright and dry, a brisk March wind only interfering with the enjoyment of the ladies in their evening promenade along Baltimore street.”

Source: Baltimore Sun, March 18, 1845

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