‘A Would-Be Thief’

In February 1887, someone entered Robert Klotz’s property on East Third Street in Frederick in an attempt to rob the chicken coop in his yard, reported The News. Much to the disappointment of the intruder, the coop was empty.

Klotz was the proprietor of the Court Restaurant on the corner of Market and Church streets in downtown Frederick. A front-page ad for the restaurant in a January 1887 issue of The News touted “…the best selected oysters and meals at reasonable prices, “Best wines and liquors” and even “Milwaukee Beer drawn through wood.”

The News described the perpetrator as a “bold intruder” who didn’t make a quiet exit. “The noise attracted the attention of Mrs. Klotz and she caught a glimpse of the would-be thief just as he wended his way out of the gate,” according to The News.

Sources: The News, January 27, 1887, February 15, 1887

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