Bakery Robbers Take All

Three robbers added insult to injury when they robbed Isaac Silber’s bakery in 1932 Baltimore.

“Isaac Silber doesn’t mind so much that three young men robbed his till last night, but he wishes they’d hand the cash register back so he could find out how much the robbery cost him,” The Baltimore Sun reported on November 24, 1932.

The three men came in around 10:30 p.m., when Goldie Scher was working in the bakery. “The feat was performed before Miss Scher could walk from the rear of the store at 1727 North Monroe street, she said. She got to the front in time, however, to see the register tossed into the back seat of a waiting automobile in which the three young men promptly drove away,” The Sun reported.

Silber estimated there was about $50 in the 50-pound register the men made off with, equaling about $935 in 2017. Ultimately, the robbery didn’t hurt the business too much; Silber’s bakeries ended up being a Baltimore institution until they closed in the aftermath of a sanitation scandal in 1980.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, November 24, 1932

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