A Hot Independence Day

It seems as though those in Baltimore in 1901 had the same steamy weather for their Independence Day celebrations as we’ll have today, according to a Baltimore Sun article.

“The celebration of Independence Day in Baltimore had all the usual features, crowds in the parks and at the resorts near the city, displays of fireworks, a great amount of nerve-distracting noise, a number of fires, several fatal accidents, a large number persons more or less severely injured, and a number of arrests by the police.

“The weather would have been enjoyable had it not been so hot, and even the maximum of the day, 96 [degrees], would not have been regarded so seriously had it not been for the intensely hot days which preceded yesterday, which weakened the vitality of most people and left them in no condition to get up enthusiasm over a holiday.”

Let’s hope we don’t have all the same issues that they faced in 1901 — but I will say that my vitality has been weakened by the hot weather we’ve had already this week!

Happy Independence Day!

Source: The Baltimore Sun, July 5, 1901

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